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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How NoseyRose got its name

NoseyRose Antiques gets it name from a nickname we gave our daughter when she was a baby. A people watcher from day one, she would stare you down until you made eye contact and then she'd give you a big toothless smile! Years later we found some kittens in the yard and our daughter named one of them Rosie. Rosie turned out to be one of those cats that has to investigate everything in the room before she can settle down to her nap, thus inheriting the name NoseyRose. Rosie must stick her nose in every corner, every box, and all your business~ so it struck me that antiquing is so similar, isn't it? And thats how we got our name~ anyone who gets a thrill from digging through boxes at a flea market or bending down to see what's under that next shelf at the local thrift store knows what I mean~ you're curious... you're nosey ! You must know what's in there- because it could be that piece of American Art Pottery you've been looking for or that WWII insignia patch that will complete your collection! Well, thats what NoseyRose Antiques is all about~ finding that treasure you've been poking around for. So, get nosey- poke around our shops and see what you can find!
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