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Friday, July 8, 2011

Summertime and Restaurant Ware...huh?

What do summertime and restaurantware have to do with each other?  I don't know, just makes me think of taking off on a bright, summer morning~ real early with my honey, and stopping at  a diner for breakfast...on our way up Rt. 5 & 20 looking for treasure.  Ya know the small town diners that use heavy restaurantware by names like Syracuse China, Iroquois, Shenango & Buffalo China (if you can still find them) and serves up delicious pancakes, eggs...bacon on those sturdy plates and a steaming cup of joe in that heavy coffee  cup that feels comforting in your hand. 
Then, full from your meal, you head out down the road heading for the next yard sale, thrift shop.....flea market (oh, yeah!).  I think that's my favorite kinda day!

These restaurant ware pieces by Syracuse China remind me of days like that.
Their bright yellow is perfect for summer and the retro design is a must have for the kitchy kitchen!

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