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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Puke Pill

From my Diet/Work Out series:

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a pill that made us nauseated at the site of a Hershey bar or a piece of cheesecake?  Ok, now before anyone steals my idea- let it be known that I came up with The Puke Pill-cause I want my cut-are you listening Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer?  Me, I came up with it.  Ok so, you take this pill and it works on your brain chemicals to literally make you sick if you look at fattening food but healthy fruits and veggies, they would make your mouth water like Pavlov’s dogs.  Yeah…that would be awesome.  That’s it, my ticket to fame, fortune and size 8 thighs- The Puke Pill!  I’ll start working on it right away~ call the patent office!
My mom once told me to replace a negative with a positive.  For me that means replacing the cookie with a carrot- now that’s a hard pill to swallow.  My life has been full of cookies and not a lot of carrots.  Consistently eating a healthy diet has always been a struggle for me.
  Growing up, my grandmother let me eat just about whatever I wanted- literally pushing the junk food in front of me because to her, that equaled love.  So summers spent at Grandmas meant I came home fat.  You can actually go through pictures of me as a kid and see when I had been with my grandmother for a couple of weeks.  So I learned early on how to eat whatever I wanted and not pay a lot of attention to anything but my taste buds.   Not only did grandma let me eat junk food, candy and soda but on top of that, she was the best cook in Rochester.  Creating  the most delicious Puerto Rican food,  no one could refuse a plate of grandmas rice & beans, pl`atanos, alcapurria, and forget about the tostones.  To grandma, a skinny person would not do.  She would be insulted if you refused seconds and she enjoyed feeding everyone.    Oh grandma, I love you…and I have your arms.   I wish I had a puke pill. http://www.bygraceministries.org/blog/

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