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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yesterday's junk is today's junkque....

Gosh, if only I had known then what I know now....Here's the story.  I'm 15 and I want to be a rock star.  I play acoustic guitar but I really want an electric guitar because in my fantasy world I'm going to be the next Nancy Wilson (from Heart)...or a female Jimmy Page (Zeppelin anyone?).  I'll sing like Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell and Christy McVie, I'll die my hair black and ride a motorcycle ...oh yeah. But I didn't have an electric guitar or an amp.  What I had was a neighbor who collected dolls and she had her eye on my case of vintage Barbies and clothes...so...here's the confession:  I sold my Barbie's for $75 and bought a used amp.  What a dummy.  I still remember the Barbies I owned and their vintage clothes.  I had a Fashion Queen...and she wore a complete 1966 Fashion Luncheon (#1656) outfit that I thought was ugly!  I had Skipper and a Sweet Sixteen Barbie with  original outfits and there were shoes and purses and wigs and.......and now I know what they were worth because I sell Vintage Barbie dolls and clothes....what a dummy.  Where's that amp, you ask?  Who knows, I don't even play guitar anymore...although I think about picking it up again sometimes.  So that's my story...when I was 15 those Barbies were junk but today....they are someones treasure and I could kick myself for not holding onto them.  Oh well.  What's your Junkque story?

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  1. You are so right! When I think of all the great items we thought weren't worth a thing, just taking up room. But one thing I do have is my Barbie and Midge and their double black case of clothes, including some my Grandma made...saved for my girls who could have cared less. They are now saved for my future grandkids who will probably sell them.