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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NoseyRose Antiques carries Vintage Midge

In 1963 Mattel introduced Barbies best friend, Midge. She came on a straight-legged body like Barbie and shared Barbies extensive wardrobe. Midge came in Blonde, Brunette and Titian hair and many girls liked her because she had freckles and cheerful features. NoseyRose Antiques has a variety of Midge Dolls as well as Vintage Barbie and Holiday Barbie! We carry Midge in Blonde, Brunette, Titian and Molded Head w/ Wig. Most of our Midges come dressed in a vintage tagged Barbie outfit and Brunette Midge has her original box, bathing suit bottom (she's missing her top), white open-toed Japan shoes and fashion booklet!

This Blonde Midge is beautiful and dressed in #951 Senior Prom. Her hair and makeup are excellent - a very pretty Midge! Check her out at NoseyRose Antiques and remember we will consider your serious offer or work to bundle items for a better deal~ we also combing shipping!
Molded Head Midge has her original orange headband and titian pigtails wig~she came dressed in #1606 Garden Tea Party which is hard to find. This Midge doll is on a SL body with rare painted legs and she comes with her original black wire stand and is in an unmarked box with clear cover.

Don't see what you're looking for? Email me~ I have dolls & clothes I haven't listed yet.

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